What Is Search Engine Optimization And How Does It Work?

what is search engine optimization and how does it work
what is search engine optimization and how does it work

“Digital Marketing” is a proven method to achieve substantial and lasting growth for your business enterprise.

It may be that you’ve been hearing the term digital marketing from the “know-all” and “know-nothing” types, haven’t you wondered why you’re not taking, or able to take full advantage of digital marketing for the growth of your business? Or maybe, you’ve already delved into digital marketing at some stage, and are still unable to figure out why it’s not translating into desired results for you. If it is so, we’ll tell you why.

See, if you spend anything from 1 to 2 hours of your time on a daily basis, browsing for information or even on social media, it’s most likely due to your appetite for information or for social and personal reasons and for keeping in touch with people who matter to you. Doesn’t require too many skills to do so. But when it boils down to needs of business, you ought to be a skilled Digital Marketing professional yourself, or willing to hire such people, which in simple terms means, out-source your digital marketing agenda to highly skilled and experienced professionals.

We’re here to help businesses move ahead rapidly, whatever their needs are, which can be serviced via Digital Marketing.

Right from the time internet became available easy and cheap to one and all, we learnt about the importance of being present on the world wide web. The earliest and most popular method was to have your own website.

Let us suppose you wanted to buy an outfit of a particular style or colour or within a price range. You just key in appropriate words in the search box of your internet browser, and behold… in a jiffy, your screen is flooded with links to websites who most likely have what you are looking for. How did this happen? And, why only those links came up that you saw? The answer is simple, yet the mechanism is a bit complex. Any data that is uploaded to the web, is scanned each time by “Search Engines” using crawlers (auto-active software applications) and depending upon how much is the data optimized for crawlers to scan and index, will depend largely upon the quality of optimization. In simple terms, the ranking of the data will depend on how well it is optimized for the search engines to classify it at a high ranking.

Look at it another way…

You have a wonderful and unique business for “X” product. And now you want to be present on the web. So, you hire someone to make a website for your business. He does a great job and, imagine your website is the most beautiful piece of art and design. Beautiful enough to find a place in the Guineas Book even. But, does that effort guarantee that it’s link will show up to users who are looking for “X” product? NO! It may not. Why? Because, it was not optimized correctly for “Search Engines”. What a pity!!!

Now you see why it’s so vital for anyone present on the web or internet to be SEO compatible. To make it a little simple to understand, one has to visualize and deploy use of extremely appropriate keywords and at the right places to achieve higher ranking by the search engines. Unless the ranking is high enough, your website (or any other data meant for the web) may never show up and all efforts to gain or achieve results continue to be out of reach.

Now, your website or your data or your content that is posted on the net or on social media platforms, especially the most popular ones, deserves to be seen by the audience it is meant for. Unless that is achieved, all effort, time and money that you’ve spent, is destined to be wasted.

And… please keep in mind… data that is uploaded daily on the net is in tons, we mean tons of terra-bytes.

Before we move on to explain more about search engine optimization, we must know about SEO Keywords. They are words or phrases people use to search for information, products, or services online. They are also words or phrases used by internet search engines to rank and sort content on the internet.

When you select & use SEO keywords the goal is to make sure that your keywords align with what your potential customers would be searching (i.e. search query) and how search engines understand and categorize your website or posts on social media for that matter.

SEO keywords and thereby search engine optimizations are important because they can help you to reach your target audience, prospects and potential customers when they are searching online for information related to your business. So,  choosing and using the right keywords is an important tactic for any SEO strategy.

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